Ooops! Noah is gone

Allowed 87 minutes 2015 5.8

Ooops! Noah is gone! is an animated family movie. The world is coming to an end and a huge flood is on its way. Fortunately, for Dave and his son Finny, two clumsy nestrians, there is an Ark that is supposed to save all animals. But it turns out that nestrians are not allowed on board. With some involuntary help from Hazel and her daughter Leah, Dave and Finny sneaks onboard the Ark. At last they are safe and can relax. But suddenly Finny and Leah fall overboard. The two youngsters are forced to fight for their lives, and in the meantime, Dave and Hazel must learn to agree to succeed in turning the Ark and save their children. One thing is certain - it will not be easy. Everybody speaks swedish

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Adventure, animation, comedy, children
Director: Toby Genkel, Sean McCormack
Country: Germany
Language: Swedish, Finnish