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#thusdaypremiere w. 15

Though moral decisions, apocalyptic futures, difficult losses and a culinary masterpiece.

In several of this week's new Viddla films, we meet people who face tough moral decisions.

In the movie Blindspotting, Collin has only three days left on his probation when he happens to see a white policeman shoot down a black man on the street. He is now faced with the difficult decision: should he report the incident or just pretend as nothing happened?

In Guldbagge-awarded Goliat, a young man must take responsibility for his family when his father is sentenced to prison. Reluctantly, he is pushed into his father’s criminal business.

When an underaged boy refuses a blood transfusion that could save his life on the count of religious conviction, a judge is forced to make the difficult decision about whether free will is more important than life in The Children Act.

Mark Felt, better known as "Deep Throat" during the Watergate scandal, decides to go against the FBI, an institution he devoted his entire life to when anonymously turning to the Washington Post with information leading to President Nixon's resignation. The film, Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House, tells his story.

A decision that does not require difficult moral decisions is to take the opportunity to travel back in time to save mankind from a certain downfall, an opportunity taken by two brothers in the Japanese science-fiction film Bravestorm.

In Drakhjärta, we meet Nisse, a boy who has had bad luck in life, losing his mother at a young age. Before she died, she gave him a pet lizard. At first, Nisse thinks the lizard is uninteresting, but one day everything changes when the lizard suddenly starts to speak.

In order to lighten the mood after all the tough moral decisions, apocalyptic futures and difficult losses, we offer a culinary masterpiece in the documentary Chef Flynn, where the talented young Flynn learns to cook highly advanced dishes and opens up a celebrated restaurant in his parents’ house.

Published: 11/04/2019   Last updated: 11/04/2019