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Heroes can be depicted in different ways, from the classic superhero, to fighting for one's survival or the right to be themselves!

Supa Modo is a Kenyan drama which is full of hope, sorrow and superheroes.

In Svenskjävel, we follow Dino who tries to create a life in a booming Norway, but it doesn't really work as she imagined, and Dino must stand up for her feelings and her future.

Bad Reputation is the documentary film about Joan Jetts life, and how she became a fearless role model and inspiration for women who wanted to play rock, no matter how bad the surroundings liked it.

Satan's slaves are something as unusual as an Indonesian horror film. It was nominated for thirteen awards at Indonesia's largest film festival and won seven of them.

Lone survivor is about the failed operation that went under the code name Operation Red Wing. In June 2005, four members of SEAL Team 10 was assigned to capture a notorious Taliban leader but ended up in an ambush. One member survived and the film is based on his story.

Representatives from the Paris cultural elite are invited to a house warming party in the French countryside in the film Place publiqueis. With guests like a Youtube-star and a tv-host whose glance begins to fall, and a waitress who is more interested in celebrities than to do her job, everything can happen.

We hope you will have a nice film time!

Published: 14/03/2019   Last updated: 14/03/2019