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#thursdaypremiere w. 28

New exciting movies!

In the Danish film Antboy, we meet Pelle, an ordinary little boy struggling with mildly interested parents and low popularity in school. But one day he is bitten by a genetically modified ant and suddenly Denmark has a very small superhero! "Antboy is peppered with fun, cleverly shot and edited action bits”, Gary Goldstein writes in LaTimes, and continues: "But it's the film's well-wrought themes of friendship, self-esteem and responsibility that give this little adventure its ultimate power.”

Earth to Echo presents another group of young people. Three friends start to investigate some strange things that are happening in their town and then come into contact with an alien that has been abandoned on earth. The quest for the missing ship leads to a very exciting adventure!

For the slightly more adult audience, we also release three classical Swedish films. Raven’s End from 1963 depicts a poor neighborhood in Malmö and a young man who dream of being an author. It is by many considered to be the best Swedish film ever. In Intermezzo from 1936, we can see major actors like Ingrid Bergman, Gösta Ekman and Inga Tidblad and The Phantom Carriage from 1921 is one of Sweden's most appreciated silent films.

Published: 12/07/2018   Last updated: 12/07/2018