7 yrs 93 minutes 1936 6.5

Holger Brandt, a world-renowned violinist, is on his way home after two years of touring. His accompanist has decided to stop touring and at home awaits a marriage that has since long lost the flame it once had. But Hugo falls in love with his daughter's new piano teacher and finds new energy. He persuades his newfound mistress to follow him on the world tour. Soon, however, he will discover that the feelings he had for his wife are beginning to come back. In the ensemble, we see great actors as Ingrid Bergman, Gösta Ekman and Inga Tidblad.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, romance, swedish
Director: Gustaf Molander
Actor: Ingrid Bergman, Gösta Ekman, Inga Tidblad
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish