The Phantom Carriage

15 yrs 100 minutes 1921 8.0

The Phantom Carriage is one of Sweden's most classical silent movies and is based on Selma Lagerlöf's novel with the same title. In the film, we meet David Holm as he is sitting in the cemetery with his drinking buddies and realizes that the Phantom carriage (the emissary of death who collects all the deceased) is about to pick him up. In flashbacks, we get to know David's past. The film was celebrated by critics around the world, including in SvD where it was written that Lagerlöf's story was combined "with modern photographic tricks, which provides it all the necessary thrilling mystery."

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, family, horror, silent movie, swedish
Director: Victor Sjöström, Hilda Borgström, Tore Svennberg
Country: Sweden