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#thursdaypremiere w. 24

Cult movies, documentaries, musicals and classics are highlighted in this week's premiere

Hairspray is based on John Waters classic film from 1988 and is both fun, uplifting and inspiring. John Travolta plays an overprotective mom to a young girl who wants nothing except dancing but must first learn to accept herself. On the issue of identity crisis, we also release this week the movie Sökarna, celebrating 25 years of release. A true cult movie about a group of young people in Stockholm's underworld, looking for their place in society.

In the documentary Capitalism - A Love Story, Michael Moore does what he does best by in his own provocative way trying to get answers for injustice. He visits politicians, banks and financial institutions to try to offset the negative sides of capitalism. Another documentary looking to reveal a completely different reality is The Otherworld. What's truly real and how much is there to get in the paranormal? The filmmaker Richard Stanley has travelled to "The Zone" in southern France to seek answers.

Published: 14/06/2018   Last updated: 14/06/2018