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Thursdaypremiere w. 51-52

Viddla wishes a Merry Christmas - here are some new films!

Arctic Justice is a winter adventure for the whole family. The mountain fox Swifty, who works at the post office, delivers a package to a secret place where strange things begin to happen. It turns out that it is Otto Von Valross who has a plan to melt the Arctic.

The family film Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon is about Ainbo, a girl who has grown up in the Amazon rainforest who learns that her homeland is under threat. She sets out on a journey together with her spirit animals. Will Ainbo be the hero who saves the rainforest?

The Good Driver revolves around taxi driver Ivan who works in a Bulgarian tourist resort. He plans to travel to Finland for his son's 18th birthday. The trip becomes complicated when he gets into trouble with the mafia. Leaving the past behind turns out to be harder than he thought.

What do you do if you're stuck together on an eternity-long, chaotic road trip through a barren and mountainous landscape? Even in a tender and loving family, you can get on each other's nerves in such a situation. The Iranian award-winning comedy Hit the road is Panah Panahi's feature film debut.

The reality-based drama film The Kazbat Soldiers takes place on the border areas of Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Azamat is an ordinary guy from Kazakhstan who, after the loss of his brother, enlists to the border patrol in the fight against heroin traffickers. Together with his comrades in the platoon, he experiences the fragility of life and the futility of war.

Here is the first film with the young Jönsson gang about their very first coup – Young Jönsson gang - the cornflakes robbery. Travel back to the year of 1955 and meet eleven-year-olds Sickan, Vanheden, Dynamit-Harry, as they set out to get as many as possible of the highly sought-after collectible cards with portraits of movie stars, stuffed into the cornflakes packages.

We Can Be Heroes! was nominated for a Guldbagge in the categories Best Director and Best Screenplay in 2003. The film is about Marcello, who is very lonely in school. He is small and cocky and the boys in the class usually hang him up and down in the soccer goal when they to shoot penalties. One day, Fatima starts in Marcello's class. She is smart and strong and great at soccer. Suddenly Marcello has a friend.

The award-winning film If Not Us, Who? is about Bernward and Gudrun who fall in love in the early 60s in West Germany. To challenge the establishment, they team up with left-wing writers and political activists. They become part of the revolutionary currents that become worldwide.

Published: 21/12/2023   Last updated: 21/12/2023