Young Jönsson gang - the cornflakes robbery

Allowed 87 minutes 1996 4.8

Here is the first film with the young Jönsson gang about their very first coup – Young Jönsson gang - the cornflakes robbery. Travel back to the year of 1955 and meet eleven-year-olds Sickan, Vanheden, Dynamit-Harry and all the other well-known characters, such as Doris and Junior Wall-Enberg, as the league sets out to get as many as possible of the highly sought-after collectible cards with portraits of movie stars, stuffed into the cornflakes packages.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Comedy, family
Director: Christjan Wegner
Actor: Kalle Eriksson, Jonathan Flumee, Fredrik Glimskär, Jonna Sohlmér
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish