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#thusdaypremiere w. 8

From a politically troubled Chile, past a hamburger empire to the gray, everyday life in an industrial area in Malmö

This week's new Viddla films take us on a journey from a politically troubled Chile, past a hamburger empire and all the way to the gray, everyday life in an industrial area in Malmö. This and much more is available on Viddla.

Yarden is based on the book with the same name by Kristian Lundberg. A writer is forced to take up employment in Malmö's port to pay off a debt and end up in a gray and inhospitable existence among suspicious colleagues and a supervising employer.
Oscar nominated Sean Penn plays the mentally handicapped father Sam in I am Sam. When a social worker threatens to take his seven-year-old daughter Lucy away from him, he seeks help from a lawyer to keep his daughter in this heartbreaking drama.

Ewan McGregor's character Seymour "Swede" Levov in American Pastoral also has problems with his daughter Merry, but of a completely different kind. After joining a group of political activists and participating in a bombing, Merry disappears. While everyone else condemns what she has done, Seymour refuses to give up on her.

In Golden Globe-nominated Neruda, we see the Chilean Senator and poet Pablo Neruda exiled. The film is based on a true story but freely re-interpreted by director Pablo Larraín (Jackie).

When the rumor spreads that a German discount chain wants to establish itself in a Swedish small town, the local government sees a golden opportunity to increase the amount of jobs in the area. They turn to the young people in town to create a commercial about their home town to attract the Germans. Amatörer is a feel-good movie by Gabriela Pichler and Jonas Hassen Khemiri.

Greed, unrelenting entrepreneurship and two brothers named McDonald who just want to serve some simple burgers are the basic ingredients of the film about how a salesman takes over a hamburger chain and makes it a global phenomenon in The Founder.

Published: 19/02/2019   Last updated: 19/02/2019