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New Year's Eve with Viddla!

The film year of 2017 has been a sparkling year in many ways. Ruben Östlund has made a success at the festivals with his The Square and is now approaching an Oscar, Alicia Vikander has taken another step into the acting elite and a revolution has begun with #metoo, which began in the center of Hollywood.

For Viddla, 2017 has included a launch, a bunch of new great movies and 17 libraries who have joined so far. In 2018, we will continue to deliver new movies each week, all carefully chosen with focus on both width and quality. You will see timeless classics as well as new and exciting movies, for children as well as for adults and from all over the world.

During the past year, many great movies have been released. We at Viddla have selected our favorites in a top 10-list. It turned out to be a wonderful collection of fiction and documentaries, funny and sad, Swedish and foreign. Select one of the movies below to look back at the year that has been or visit our archive and choose a movie from your favorite year!

To celebrate New Year's Eve, we have already added 11 extra movies. Why not learn a little more about a country that will probably be as talked about in the next year as it was 2017, and watch the Russian movies The Fool and The Major? Or laugh at last year's biggest Italian success at the cinemas: Perfect Strangers. Click here to see all the other movies we’ve added today.

Published: 31/12/2017   Last updated: 31/12/2017