Dröm vidare

11 yrs 87 minutes 2017 6.2

Mirja must find her place in the world after having served a prison sentence. When she succeeds in getting a job as a hotel clerk, she begins to live a double life. She is torn between her sick mother and her old friends, who have been her real family. Dröm vidare has been described as a long-awaited knokout about friendship, loyalty, identity and class, while at the same time, realistic and dreamy. Moviezines Patrik Linderholm thinks "Young women appearing in such a spunky and yet vulnerable way is something that rarely appears in Swedish film. Add a fantastic role list with young as well as more established actresses - they all radiate, beyond Evin Ahmad, who undoubtedly shines in the starring role of Mirja. "

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama
Director: Rojda Sekersöz
Actor: Evin Ahmad, Gizem Erdogan, Malin Persson, Segen Tesfai, Ella Åhman
Country: Sweden
Language: French