Life Animated

Allowed 88 minutes 2016 6.6

The incredible story of a boy without language, animated Disney movies and the small miracles of everyday life. When Owen Suskind is three years old, he suddenly stops talking and starts to behave strangely. Despairingly, the family witnesses how he moves bit by bit into the quiet world of autism. But when all hope seems to be lost, unexpected help arrives from The little mermaid, Peter Pan and Mowgli! Owen loves Disney films and knows all the lines so when the family starts to talk "Disney", they get a valuable reward: The key to unlocking Owens world. Aftonbladet's Jens Peterson thinks it's a "strange real story and it's very skillfully told, partly with animation. It's moving and touching, and there's a lot of pain and loneliness beside love. "

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Biography, audio description, family
Director: Roger Ross Williams
Country: USA
Language: English