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Theme: Biographies

Many movies are based on real life stories

Interesting life stories have always had it's place on the silver screen. In many cases in the form of documentaries, but most often as biographical films. Everyone from royalty, politicians, artists, cultural figures and scientists to excentrics and outcasts, their lifes have been portrayed through light and action.

Here you can find Oscar-winning documentaries about incredible people from music (Searching for Sugar Man), to cinema (I'm Ingrid) and fashion (Dior & I). Royalty is represented by The Queen (Queen Elizabeth) and The King's Speech (George VI), while 12 Years a Slave takes us through the horrors of slavery by following the life of abolitionist Solomon Northup, kidnapped and sold into slavery in the mid-1800s. Later in history, during World War II, the British succeeded in cracking the German Enigma cipher, with the help of the brilliant mathematician Alan Turing, His story is told in The Imitation Game.

Published: 01/03/2017   Last updated: 06/03/2017