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#thursdaypremiere w. 17

It’s Thursday again and as usual, new films in Viddla!

Many people recognize the actress Zozia Mamet from the TV series Girls, where she plays the wonderful character Shoshanna. In The Boy Downstairs we once again see her on the streets of New York, but this time she plays Diana, who after a couple of years in London moves back to her hometown, finds the perfect apartment but unfortunately realizes that she has moved into the same apartment building as her ex-boyfriend...

In the list of new films below, you can also see three of Dario Argento's most famous works. He was a pioneer in the Italian genre Giallo, the genre considered to be the forerunner of slasher films. Dario first worked as a film critic but debuted with the film The Bird with the Crystal Plumage in 1970. Since then, he has done no less than 20 films. In addition to his debut film, we also have Tenebre and the Suspiria.

If you feel the need to laugh after these horror movies, we recommend the two British cult comedies Time Bandits, by the gang behind the Monty Python movies, as well as Withnail and I, whose quote-friendly dialogue echoes on the streets of London still to this very day.

Published: 25/04/2018   Last updated: 25/04/2018