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Thursdaypremiere w. 1-2

This week's film releases include everything from romance, drama, children's film and the acclaimed documentary All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, where museums' connections to the Sackler family are in focus.

A24's autobiographical drama The Inspection depicts a gay, black man who has been rejected by his mother and decides to become a marine. There he is subjected to trials but also finds a sense of belonging.

Benjamin revolves around filmmaker Benjamin who worries about the premiere of his second film. At the same time, he falls in love with a music student who does not want to commit, but feelings grow on both sides the more they meet.

In the documentary All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, we follow the artist Nan Goldin whose art is in museums all over the world. These museums also receive money from the Sackler family who have caused America's opioid crisis. Nan Goldin is fighting for the art world to stop accepting money from unethical companies.

The exploits of Moominpappa - Adventures of a young Moomin is an animated adventure for the whole family, based on Tove Jansson's classic book about the beloved and fascinating Moomin family. The Moomintroll gets wasp-stung and has to go to bed to heal. To cheer him up, Moominpappa tells him about his childhood and "stormy" youth.

On a holiday resort by the Adriatic Sea, teenager Juljia spends a weekend with her family. For Juljia it is a prison, ruled and guarded by her strict, dictatorial father. When an old family friend comes to visit, the agreeable millionaire Javier, the orderly existence and relationships in the family are disrupted. The drama film Murina was awarded at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

Here's the story of the world's first smartphone – the Canadian comedy-drama BlackBerry. The odd business couple, inventor Mike Lazaridis and salesman Jim Balsillie have a world-class idea when they create their technological blockbuster, but suddenly the hype becomes stone dead – what happened?

In Disco Boy, Aleksei sneaks out of his native Belarus to go to Paris and join the Foreign Legion. Jomo fights together with his guerrilla group for the survival of the local residents against the oil companies in the Niger Delta 500 miles away. When Aleksei is eventually sent there as a soldier, their paths cross and nothing is the same again.

Published: 04/01/2024   Last updated: 04/01/2024