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#thursdaypremiere w. 18

Life has its challenges and fortunate moments, which this week's premiere can testify to. In the films this week we will get to know men and boys who in different ways find themselves in situations that both elevates them and pushes them down, just like life itself.

The distant barking of dogs is a celebrated and award-winning documentary where we follow ten-year-old Oleg and his grandmother Alexandra who live in the war-affected Ukraine. We get to see a boy who grows up with the sounds of bombs and gun fire in the background, and nowhere to escape.

Colin Burstead thinks that this time the new year should be celebrated properly and rents a large mansion together with his family. What Colin does not know is that his sister Gini took the opportunity to invite their brother David to the party. David has avoided his family for over five years due to a tremendous betrayal. What happens? Watch Happy New Year, Colin Burstead to find out.  

In Status Update, Kyle has just changed school and get bullied by the school's toughest gang right from the start. He finds a mysterious app in his phone that gives him new talents and he quickly becomes popular with the girls, but is it not better to be yourself than to live in a fantasy?

Suburra is about a corrupt politician who gets stuck in the hands of a mafia boss after an underaged prostitute dies of an overdose. The Mafia wants to turn Rome's port into a new Las Vegas and presses the politician to exploit his position in Parliament to get their will. That sparks a violent development that in the next seven days will lead all the way to the Vatican.

Metin is a young man who lives in one of Stockholm's suburbs, where unwritten laws apply and the informal courts always have the last word. The odd thing about Metin is that he writes a diary, where all names, places and criminal acts are documented in every detail. One day the diary disappears, and Metin is terrified that the police will find it. Watch Måste Gitt to see the story unfold.  

Hurricane is based on the real events of 1940 when Britain struggles to stop Hitler's advances. In an important air battle, the Royal Air Force is forced to get help from pilots in the Polish air defence. Initially, the new acquisitions are meet with scepticism and racism, but soon it turns out that the polish pilots are more skilled than their British colleagues.

Published: 02/05/2019   Last updated: 02/05/2019