The Distant Barking of Dogs

7 yrs 90 minutes 2017 7.6

In this acclaimed and award-winning documentary, we follow the ten-year-old boy Oleg and his grandmother Alexandra who live in the war-affected  Ukraine. We get to follow a boy who grows up with background sounds of bombs and shooting, and with no place to flee. Together with his cousin and best friend Jarik they dream, play and fantasize while the seriousness is getting closer. In SvD, Jon Asp writes "With well-rigged equipment and with great patience The distant barking of dogs nourish a nerve and a beauty that makes the war both deterrent and intaking. Fredrik Sahlin writes in Kulturnyheterna, "It is a scorching reminder what is going on not only there, a short distance from the EU, but around the world. Give the term "unaccompanied refugee" a new face.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: War, political
Director: Simon Lereng Wilmont
Starring: Oleg Afanasyev, Alexandra Ryabichkina, Jarik
Country: Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Ukraine
Language: Russian