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#thursdaypremiere w. 38

A great film week!


Bonjour Viddlare! This week we have a nice list of new movies to show you, many of them are French, such as the documentary School of babel, where we get to hear the conversations, conflicts and happy talks of a few teenagers who all wish to change their lives. In Jamais contente, we get to follow the thirteen-year-old Aurore who also tries to fix her impossible existence. Malony is an outgoing fifteen-year-old who always felt forgotten until he meets the judge Florence Blaque, who refuses to give up hope on him, see how it goes for them in the movie Standing tall. In the film Marguerite we are thrown into the happy 20th century France and get to know the music-loving Marguerite who gladly performs in public. The problem is that she sings terribly fake, but her friends, family, and valet rather use earplugs than tell the truth.

Happy filmweek!

Published: 20/09/2018   Last updated: 20/09/2018