I Remember When I Die

Allowed 85 minutes 2015 5.5

Is it possible to create one’s own eternity at the time of death? This question and others are examined in this documentary by Swedish director Maria Bäck, taking place in at a Danish hospice. The film shows people in the final stage of life, their thoughts and how they relate to memories and the concept of reality. It is a unique look into the human consciousness. In Svenska Dagbladet, Jon Asp writes: It probably sounds like a depressing story. However, the film is made with such lightheartedness – not lightly – that you feel uplifted at the end”. He finishes by saying that the film deserves a Guldbagge nomination.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Drama, swedish
Director: Maria Bäck
Starring: Finn Hedegaard Jensen, Bodil Vinther Sørensen, Ole Mehl
Country: Sweden
Language: Danish