A Separation

15 yrs 100 minutes 2013 7.0

Documentary filmmaker Karin Ekberg's parents decides to divorce after 38 years of marriage. They are not only to be separated from each other but also from the house where they lived for a quarter of a century. Karin's mother has already begun her new life in a new apartment and dances through the living room with an invisible cavalry while Karin's dad is stuck in the memories of the big house that echoes in the emptiness. But the inevitable move puts things in motion and before a year passes, the life of the father also takes a whole new direction. Camilla Larsson in Helsingborgs dagblad thinks that the documentary is "a feel-good movie about restarting. A movie full of sad scenes, but also by amusing sequences and many laughs".

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Drama, swedish
Director: Karin Ekberg
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish