Jussi i våra hjärtan

15 yrs 72 minutes 2011 5.2

This year it is 100 years since the opera singer Jussi Björling was born. In this tribute to Sweden's greatest tenor, his life is presented from the cradle to the grave. Jussi Björling was born in Stora Tuna in Dalarna, and as a four-year-old, he performed and toured with his father and brothers in the Björling Quartet. His breakthrough in Sweden and abroad came in the 1930's when he performed at Stockholm Opera and on major opera centers in Europe. Metropolitan in New York soon became his main scene, but he returned to the opera in Stockholm on numerous occasions. The film includes interviews with Jussi Björling's children, colleagues, friends and opera experts.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Biography
Director: Torbjörn Lindqvist
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish