Allowed 54 minutes 2008 5.7

Actor Ernst-Hugo Järegård died in 1998, but interest in him continues unabated. In Erik Bäfving's film, we see him in a series of amazing archive footages from the greatest moments of his career. Among these are classic roles such as the murderer of Skånska Mord, the danish hating chief physician in Riket and the theater performances VD and I väntan på Godot. With the help of his wife Karin Järegård and colleagues like Lars von Trier, Helena Bergström, Jonas Gardell, Ghita Nørby and Jan Hemmel, the film Ernst-Hugo gives a captivating portrait of the real-life actor who always wanted to be center stage. Outwardly, he was a hailed and confident diva, but in his lone hours he was afflicted with insomnia, anxiety and a complicated relationship with his father.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Biography
Director: Erik Bäfving
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish