Winnerbäck - Ett slags liv

Allowed 95 minutes 2017 6.9

Øystein Karlsen has made himself known in his homeland Norway with his TV series Dag and Lillehammer. With this documentary debut, he summarizes Lars Winnerback's life and musical career. Lars Winnerbäck allows himself to be interviewed and also make interviews with a number of colleagues and friends, Melissa Horn, Per Gessle, and Rolf Lassgård. Johan Croneman writes in DN: "It is fun, sad and melancholy, it is animated, it is monologue and interview, and Winnerbäck meets colleagues and talks lyrics".

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Music, musical, biography
Director: Øystein Karlsen
Starring: Melissa Horn, Per Gessle, Rolf Lassgård, Lars Winnerbäck
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish