The Ceremony

15 yrs 74 minutes 2014 5.7

The Ceremony, with the under title "a film about love and friendship", portrays transgressive relationships where dominance and submission are at the center. We meet the unusual and fascinating writer Catherine Robbe-Grillet and the people closest to her. In open hearted interviews, the characters of the film share their thoughts on eroticism, art, norms, identity, aging and loneliness. The viewer is also invited to a captivating, suggestive and intimate sphere of staged sadomasochistic ceremonies based on Robbe-Grillet's fantasies and world of ideas. Aftonbladet's Emma Gray Munthe writes that the film "provides a nice and unseen insight into something surrounded by many prejudices."

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Queer, biography
Director: Lina Mannheimer
Country: France
Language: French