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Thursdaypremiere w. 41-42

An exciting adventure with Nelly Rapp, the monster agent and five other films is the perfect start of this weekend.

Ennio Morricone is the master composer behind some of the world's most well-known and beloved film soundtracks. Films such as Sergio Leone's The Good, the bad and the Ugly and A Fistful of Dollars have achieved their iconic status largely thanks to Ennio Morricone's music. Ennio: the maestro is the documentary about his musical career.

12-year-old gymnast Tinja does everything to please her mother, the influencer who works hard to present the image of a perfect family on her blog "Wonderful everyday". One night, Tinja finds an egg that she takes home. She hides it and keeps it warm, and when it hatches it is revealed to contain a monstrous being. Ruva is Hanna Bergholm's feature film debut and has been described as a horror movie with a unusually intelligent storyline. 

The Dutch horror film Moloch takes place on the edge of a desolate peat bog. When Betriek’s and her family’s farm one night is attacked by a stranger, she sets out to search for an explanation. What ancient and evil thing has taken the area into possession?

The documentary Who killed the KLF? explores the rise and fall of The KLF during the 1980s and 90s. The music group took the UK music and club scene by storm, but suddenly the audience stopped dancing to their electronic music – what happened?

In February 2014, Russian troops began the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula. The Ukrainian ships were blocked from intervening and most of the ships were forced to surrender to the Russian military. However, Cherkasy did not, a minesweeper where the crew decided to resist to the last drop of blood. The film Cherkasy: Ukrainian Warship is a war drama based on real events.

Nelly and her dog London will spend the autumn holidays with her uncle Hannibal. But it soon turns out that her uncle is not living the quiet life she thought. Rather the opposite! Hannibal is a monster agent! Nelly soon finds herself surrounded by vampires, ghosts, werewolves and Frankensteiners and drawn into a gasp-hugging adventure where everything she previously believed in is put to the test in the film Nelly Rapp: Monster Agent.

Published: 13/10/2022   Last updated: 13/10/2022