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Thursdaypremiere w. 15-16

Strong emotions and poignant human destinies among this week's film premieres.

Hanna Heilborn's documentary The Village of Roses deals with the oppression of Roma in Europe and follows the daily life of a family in southern Milan in their fight for the rights of their children when the school bus stops picking up the children in the village.

The Norwegian award-winning drama film Storm, directed by Erika Calmeyer, is a story about how far you are prepared to go to protect the ones you love. Elin tries to restart her life together with her daughter Storm after two tragic events: the loss of her husband and the death of her son in a drowning accident.

Escape from Stalin's Death Camp takes place in 1947 and tells the story of when Danylo Chervonyi, who was the commander of the Ukrainian insurgent army, must endure great suffering under inhumane conditions in the prison. But despite all that Chervonyi has been forced to endure, a plan to try to get out of there slowly begins to germinate within him.

In The best is yet to come we meet Arthur and César who have been friends since childhood. When Arthur tells César that he has cancer, the friend decides to move in and help him achieve everything he wanted to do before he dies. But it's not Arthur who has cancer ...

Battle of Jangsari depicts the Korean War in 1950. When South Korea is close to losing to North Korea, it is decided that a large number of young, inexperienced soldiers will go to war. It seems impossible for them to survive against the North Korean war force.

The drama thriller New Order is created by Michel Franco, who won the Grand Jury Prize in Venice. The plot revolves around an upper-class wedding where the idyll turns into a nightmare when an uninvited guest breaks into the wedding. The robbery escalates into a rebellion against the country's regime.

Published: 11/04/2024   Last updated: 11/04/2024