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Thursday premiere w.25-26

A middle-aged, infatuated and jealous French man, an overprotective dad and rock legend Joan Baez among this week’s newly published at viddla.

Cagalera and Moloteco are two small-time gangsters from one of Mexico’s poorer neighborhoods. In Chicuarotes we follow them as they advance from minor robberies to kidnapping.

We Dive at Dawn is a classic from 1943. The British submarine Sea Tiger suspends all leave for the crew to follow German warship Brandenburg. On the way they pick up three German sailors who promises to show them the location of the ship.

It’s time for a normal life for Su-hyuk, but ten years under the influence of the same criminal employer makes it difficult to change. A Man of Reason depicts the South-Korean underworld.

Djibi (Omar Sy: “Lupin” and “The Untouchables”) plays an overprotective single dad who loves to tell his 7-year-old daughter bedtime stories in The Lost Prince. Five years later and Sofia is starting to outgrow dad’s tales.

Joan Baez – I am a Noise is a documentary about the rock legend, activist and icon Joan Baez. The film is a close and fascinating portrait of a woman via private footage, diaries, drawings and sound recordings.

Awkward and absurd situations arise as the middle-aged baker Martin is fascinated by his new neighbor. Gemma Bovery and her husband are very reminiscent of the characters in Gustave Flaubert’s classiv Madame Bovary. Martin waits silently for his neighbors to commit adultery, as they do in the novel.

Happy film-week!

Published: 20/06/2024   Last updated: 20/06/2024