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Thursdaypremiere w. 7-8

True stories, drama, horror, dance and romance from both the lighter and the darker reality in this week's new films!

Balibo reveals the true story of how five Australian journalists disappear in East Timor in 1975. War correspondent Roger East goes to the place where the journalists disappeared to find out their whereabouts. In this enthraling thriller, shocking actions are revealed that have later been tried to be covered up.

In El Alamein – The line of fire, university student Serra travels from Palermo to Egypt to participate in the fighting in North Africa during World War II. The war is depicted from Serra's perspective, where we get to follow the struggle of the Italian soldiers. The film has won the Italian National Film Award, the David di Donatello Award, for Best Cinematography, Sound and Editing.

The humans is a horror drama from the film company A24 that takes place during a Thanksgiving dinner. When several generations of a family gather in one apartment, mysterious events begin to occur. Amy Schumer plays one of the main roles in this low-key horror film that constantly offers unexpected twists.

Pete meets up with his old classmates from college over a birthday weekend. But one by one they turn against him. What is going on, are they punishing him for something? Or is he becoming paranoid? Is it all just some kind of sick joke? All my friends hate me is a British horror comedy by director Andrew Gaynord.

Belgian actor Jeroen Perceval debuted as a director and screenwriter with the drama Dealer, which is about Johnny, 14 years old and a drug dealer. He moves between the home for young people, the street and the nightlife. When he tries to steal the wallet of successful actor Anthony, he is caught, but instead of reporting him, Anthony makes him his new source of cocaine. Anthony thus also becomes Johnny’s protector in the rough night life and in the harsh world of the drug trade.

Landon, who is the troublemaker at school, is sentenced to community service after a prank. He is placed in the school drama group and meets Jamie who is the daughter of the local pastor. They fall in love, but a dark secret stands in the way of their happiness. A walk to remember is based on Nicolas Spark's novel with the same title and in the roles, we see, among others, Mandy Moore and Shane West.

In between is an award-winning film about three young Palestinian women who live together in an apartment in Tel Aviv. They are pressed by the limitations of their own culture and the unequal Israeli society.

Coppelia is a film without dialogue, with animation and dance combined. The film is a modern version of the classic ballet from 1870 based on E.T.A Hoffman's epistolary novel The Sandman. When Doctor Coppelius arrives in the village, the people who live there are changed. He convinces the villagers that he can treat them to be their best selves. However, Doctor Coppelius has a secret agenda. His plan is to retrieve the humanity of the villagers and give it to his creation, the robot woman Coppelia. In the end, only the young Swan remains before he completes his plan.

Published: 15/02/2023   Last updated: 15/02/2023