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Viddla launches gender equality labeling of film using the Bechdel test

In 1985, the cartoonist Alison Bechdel drew a comic-strip for her series "Dykes to Watch Out For" in which the ‘two women speaking to each other about something other than men’ criterion appeared in print for the first time. In the 2000s it became known as the Bechdel test.

In order for a movie to pass the Bechdel test, it must meet the following three criterias:

1.  Have at least two named female characters

2.  They need to talk to each other

3.  About something other than men

The A-rate standard is given to films that pass the Bechdel test. The letter A in the label stands for approved.

The label is used by cinemas, festivals, newspapers and filmstreaming services. The label aims to promote women in film and make them more visible

Now all our films have undergone the bechdel test and those who meet all three criteria are marked and filtered easily on the film page by clicking on genre "Bechdel approved". Of course, all future films we add will also undergo the test and be easily filtered out.

The Viddla Team

Published: 05/07/2019   Last updated: 05/07/2019