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Thursdaypremiere w. 17-18

Celebrate Valborg with Viddla's new films, where the critically acclaimed drama-comedy Good Luck to You, Leo Grande is one of our new releases.

In Chess Story, the lawyer Josef Bartok is captured by the Gestapo and is locked in a hotel room because he does not cooperate. After getting hold of a book on chess, the board game becomes a way to deal with the isolation but soon begins to turn into an obsession.

All My Puny Sorrows follows the two sisters Elf and Yoli. Elf is a pianist obsessed with ending her life while Yoli is a writer struggling with her sister's decision to kill herself. In the adversity that Yoli faces as a result of her sister's mental illness, she also makes discoveries about herself.


The fantasy film Land of glass tells the story of 13-year-old Jas, who lives in a disused commercial garden with his father. One day, Jas meets an old woman and a girl who Jas tries to help, but when secret agents show up, he realizes that the new friends and their magical place in the forest are in danger.

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande stars Emma Thompson as newly widowed Nancy who orders a sex worker into a luxury hotel room. The young, attractive Leo Grande is likable and confident, but Nancy suddenly becomes terrified and doubts whether she can carry out her plan after all.


Imaginary Heroes revolves around the Travis Family who seem to be the perfect family. When the eldest son kills himself, everything comes crashing down. Other family members completely lose control of their lives. Only when they finally dare to confront the past can they regain control of the future.

Far from civilization lies France's dreaded prison island, Devil's Island. There, the prisoners fight for their lives. Papillon refuses to give up and decides to escape at all costs. The 1973 film Papillon is a classic based on the autobiography of the innocently convicted Henri Henri Charrière.

In a medieval country, people struggle with dragon worries. The country's duke announces a contest to find a knight who can fight the dragon. The farm boy Trenk, who wants to become a knight, is appalled at how farm families are exploited. Then he decides to learn how to save his family. Trenk - The Little Knight is based on books by Kirsten Boije.





Published: 27/04/2023   Last updated: 27/04/2023