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#Viddla week - Availability

Bechdel approved films and films with and audio description at Viddla

You may have observed that Viddla has Bechdel approved films and also films with and audio description? The Bechdel test is a gender equality test that shows how women are presented in films. All our films have undergone the Bechdel test and those who meet the criteria are marked with the genre label Bechdel approved. That a film has passed the test means that it has two named female characters, who talk to each other – about something other than men.

Audio description means that what is not apparent from dialogue or other sounds in the film, is narrated, as an aid primarily for visually impaired consumers.

You can find films on Viddla that are Bechdel approved and films with audio description by clicking on the genres Bechdel approved and Audio description.

Here are three films on Viddla that have both are Bechdel approved and have audio description!


Big Eyes

The Way He Looks

The Dressmaker

Published: 21/12/2021   Last updated: 21/12/2021