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#Thursdaypremiere w. 1-2

Starting the 2021 film year with new titles!

This week we have two romantic comedies where different stories are woven together. First out is Dog days, where the love of dogs is a common thread in a variety of relationships in Los Angeles. The other is the Swedish film Lyckligare kan ingen vara where a taxi driver, a grumpy pensioner and a midwife are faced with various romantic decisions that will greatly affect their lives.

We also have two documentaries in this week's selection. Influencer is the story of PR expert Tim Bell and his agency Bell Pottinger, who have been at the center of world politics for more than 30 years and, among other things, have been accused of escalating the conflict in South Africa. In the film In Search of Greatness, filmmaker Gabe Polsky tries to find the core of what makes iconic athletes successful by studying some of the biggest names in sports.  

For the kids, we have the animated movie Ella Bella bingo about the resourceful Ella Bella and her friends who live in the same area. When the new, cool guy Johnny moves in, Ella Bella is afraid of losing her friend Henrik and must use all her ingenuity to solve the situation.

When a small, isolated village with deeply religious people is affected by accidents and poor harvests, the inhabitants begin to wonder why one of the women in the village has not been as affected as the others. It soon turns out that she has a daughter who she kept hidden from the others and who may be the cause of the problems in the horror film The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw.

Published: 07/01/2021   Last updated: 07/01/2021