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Summer premiere w. 29-32

Experimental art, South-Korean, romantic Oscar-favourite and several classic children's films among this summer's newly published films at Viddla.


Signs of Life was film maker Werner Herzog’s first feature film, and it won Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival. A recovering soldier is sent from the battlefield to the island of Kos, to mend.


Past Lives is an Oscar-favorite and the love story of Nora and Hae-Sung, who meet again after several years. They have changed, but has the love between them changed as well?


Animated Iron Monkey is an action film about a doctor who helps the poor in daylight, and steal from the corrupt government at night.


Some artists and their works have greater influence than others. Anselm Kiefer is one of the greatest contemporary artists, and in the documentary Anselm we see some of the ways in which he deals with the dark past of Germany, through his paintings and sculptures.


A divorced, middle-aged woman decides that she does not want to be alone for the rest of her life. Liberated Gloria then meets a retired officer at the club in Santiago.


Life, Above All describes the life of 12-year-old Chanda when her younger sister dies and her mother falls ill. The film is an important story of love, and the faith in the future of a pulsating South-Africa.


For the kids:


A sea serpent has been spotted. Little Brother wants to hunt for the serpent, but Twigson is skeptical, because he wants Little Brother all to himself. We meet the pair in Knatten och Sjøormen.


The great detective Kalle Blomkvist is always busy, and in Mesterdetektiven Kalle Blomkvist og Rasmus he and his friends witness three men kidnapping a professor and his five year old son, Rasmus. The professor has invented a new type of metal that the kidnappers want.


In the animated Karlsson på Taket Little Brother has a new friend who flies in through the window one day. Karlsson is a happy man who is best at everything. Bu what he perhaps is best at is being Little Brothers’ friend.


In Victor och Josefin: Resan til Snackistan Victor’s violin breaks, and the pair must travel to his country Snackistan to fix it. Music has been banned in the country for many years, and our heroes must work hard to have the ban lifted.


The Jønsson league is familiar to many, but do you know there is also a little Jønsson league? In Lille Jønssonligan på styva linen the fun-fair has come to town. Will the league get tickets for all booths?


Three Inuit-friends experience great adventures when they go hunting for food for their families in The Legend of Sarila. The movie is A-rated.


Enjoy your movie-summer!


Published: 08/07/2024   Last updated: 08/07/2024