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#thursdaypremiere w. 23-24

A cursed film project and classic 70s western with Henry Fonda are among this week's new films

When Terry Gilliam started his film project The man who killed Don Quixote, he probably did not think it would take a full 30 years before the film could premiere. In the documentary He dreams of giants, we get to follow all the ups and downs along the way in a film project that has time and again been ruled impossible to complete.

Wendy is Benh Zeitlin's first film since Beasts of the Southern Wild, and just like its predecessor, this story about a place where time does not exist, and children do not grow up is a magical adventure.

In 2001, Dick Cheney became the Vice President of the United States under George W. Bush, and he soon proved to be the most influential Vice President in American history. Both Christian Bale and Amy Adams were nominated for Oscars for their roles as Dick and Lynne Cheney in the acclaimed film Vice.

In the classic spaghetti western movie My Name is Nobody, we see Terence Hill and Henry Fonda in the adventure of the famous aging gunman who wants to retire and his young admirer who do not want to see him disappear before he has done one last epic act.

In My Salinger year, the young aspiring writer Joanna takes a job at an agency for writers in New York and is given the task of responding to letters of admiration to the agency's big star J. D. Salinger. At first, she follows the standard form for the answers, but soon she starts to make the answers more personal. The more she writes with the voice of the famous author, the more she begins to find her own.

In Bigfoot family, the sequel to Bigfoot junior, Bigfoot has become famous and wants to use his celebrity to change the world. When an important environmental organization asks for his help in protecting a nature reserve from being destroyed by a large oil company, he accepts. But then he disappears without a trace, and the family, led by their son Adam, do everything they can to find him and save the reserve.

Published: 10/06/2021   Last updated: 10/06/2021