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Watch amazing Viddla-unique movies for free!

At Viddla we put safety first and foremost

This allows us to offer movies that can not be streamed from any library other than those
connected to Viddla. Of course it's legal and we are listed on Streamalaglig.se

A selection of these amazing movies can be found in the list below, among other things
there are timeless classics with top ratings on IMDb.

Now there are almost 200 Viddla-unique titles to choose from, and we add new ones continuously.

Our security focus allows us to connect more movie companies to us, which means
we can offer even more Viddla-unique movies.

We also know that it's appreciated by everyone to be able to use Chromecast to watch our
movies on TV. Which is one of the reasons we have created an iOS app for our iPhone and iPad users!

There is every opportunity for you to watch good, exciting, important, fun and beautiful movies!

Yes, you can actually stream movies for free and legally, thanks to our connected libraries!

Published: 03/12/2018   Last updated: 03/12/2018