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Celebrate the short film day on the shortest day of the year!

On December 21, the short film day is celebrated to draw attention to the short film. Of course, we also celebrate Viddla short film day by presenting some selected short films.

Next Station is an animated film that asks the question of what we miss in life when we stare down at our phones. Director Miriam Renting believes that the film shows how "... notions and fantasies are created through internet dating, and how they can prevent us from seeing people or situations as they are."

Autonomous provides an insight into the borderland between the real and the unreal that is being blurred by the technological advances being made. How will we stand in an age where humans are replaced by robots and where the real world is almost perfectly simulated in digital worlds?

Den blomstertid nu kommer revolves around Sabina, who is Romani Romanian who traveled to Holmsund to work. Here she meets Elin, born and raised in Holmsund, and between the two a friendship grows that could change everything.

Shadow Animals takes place in a suburban house where a group of adults gather for a dinner party. Marall observes their strangely foreign middle-class rituals. The film depicts how irrational the adult world can appear from a child's perspective.

In The Ambassador’s Wife, we follow the French ambassador's wife in her everyday life. She dreamed of becoming a famous opera singer but now uses singing to survive her seemingly privileged everyday life.

In Körlärare sökes, Sara sees that a couple of newly arrived Muslim girls from Somalia need a driving instructor. A warm depiction of how friendship grows between hard slowdowns and jump-starts, but also the prejudices that affect Muslim women in today's Sweden.

Published: 21/12/2022   Last updated: 21/12/2022