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#Thursdaypremiere w. 13-14

We fill the days with film!

It's finally time for a refill in our movie library and this week we give you some blood, laughter, music and some tears.

We start with the bloody elements. In the South Korean action thriller Akinjeon, Mafia boss Jang Dong-su has survived an attack from a raging serial killer, and thus starts an unprecedented partnership with the police Jung Tar-seok to capture the sadistic killer which goes by the name "K". In Japanese First Love, it is the young boxer Leo who gets into trouble during an action-packed night. He helps a young woman who is followed. He acts quickly and ends up in the middle of a big drug affair.

Get ready for a real action-packed and bloody film hour if you choose one of these movies!

Documentary filmmaker Patricio Guzman explores Chile's bloody past in his documentary The Cordillera of dreams. He takes off in the huge mountain range of Andes. Wherever you are in the country, the mountain chain is visible, and it has both isolated the population and closed out the opportunity for reality to emerge.

A beautiful, important and sad documentary to enjoy.

In Lantisar we follow Madeleine, who lives a modern life in Stockholm, called home to her father in the countryside with whom she has broken contact with after a tragic event. Madeleine's experiences during an intense weekend give her a new picture of a countryside, a life and people she has long ago left behind.

What kind of movie can you laugh at, we would like to say that the children can probably get a good laugh in the animated movie Norm of the north: Keys to the kingdom. There we meet the goofy polar bear Norm who is accused of a crime he did not commit.

We end with music, forbidden music! For in the Russian film Leto we end up in Leningrad at the end of the 1980s where the authorities ruled, for example the cultural life with an iron hand. Despite this, there is a bubbling underground scene where Mike, Natasha and Viktor play a significant role.

We hope you will appreciate our new additions, and that you will have a wonderful movie time, whether it is blood, laughter, music or tears that you are looking for!

Published: 25/03/2020   Last updated: 25/03/2020