The Sacrifice

11 yrs 149 minutes 1986 7.9

The Sacrifice is the acclaimed director Andrei Tarkovsky's final film. The film was recorded on Gotland and in the role list we see Erland Josephson, Allan Edwall and Sven Wollter. After the actor Alexander decided to put his career behind and reside to Gotland, an breaking news segment airs, explaining that a nuclear war has broken out, and in a pact with God, Alexander promises to sacrifice his family to end the war. The Sacrifice was honored by Swedish critics, including by Lasse Bergström, who writes in Expressen that "with its faith and its rootlessness, it is a heavy film that you see with gets you really touched."

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, swedish
Director: Andrej Tarkovskij
Actor: Erland Josephson, Susan Fleetwood, Allan Edwall, Sven Wollter
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish, English, Russian