Benjamin Falck and the Ghost Dagger

11 yrs 95 minutes 2019 7.0

Benjamin dreams of becoming a real adventurer but has only done a series of failed treasure hunts. His obsession has begun to weight on his relationship with girlfriend Jenny, who wants to live a more normal life. When Benjamin hears about a legendary dagger hidden in Mallorca, he invites Jenny to a romantic vacation without telling her that he intends to look for it. But the trip takes a sudden turn and soon they both find themselves on a deadly adventure far beyond what they could have imagined.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Adventure
Director: Martin Sofiedal
Actor: Fredrik Skogsrud, Trond Fausa, Patrick Finzi, Caroline Glomnes, Hamid Karimi
Country: Norway
Language: English, Norwegian, Spanish