Allowed 72 minutes 1985 6.8

In the family film Tvätten by Carl Johan De Geer and Håkan Alexandersson, Lisa is taken away from her mother because Doctor Blom and the authorities believe that Lisa's mother Mona, who runs a laundry, is not a good and orderly mother. Against Lisa's wishes, she is placed with the piano teacher Miss Blüchner. Lisa longs for her mother and gets unexpected help from the drifters Sture and Bill. After the TV series Tårtan, Doktor Krall and Privatdetektiven Kant, the couple Alexandersson and De Geer set out to make their first feature film, and it became a surrealistic tale depicting an absurd adult world.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Family
Director: Håkan Alexandersson, Carl Johan De Geer
Actor: Mats G. Bengtsson, Krister Broberg, Thomas Lundqvist, Ellen Lamm, Julia Hede-Wilkens
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish