God natt Herr Luffare

Allowed 30 minutes 1988 6.2

When mom and dad need to attend a funeral, Sven, Anna and Little-Stina are to stay home and make Christmas decorations at the kitchen table. Mom is worried that they will let a stranger into the house when the parents are gone, and tells them not to let anyone in, especially no tramps! The children promise not to let anyone in, but when Sven goes out to get the cat, he forgets to lock the door. Suddenly, Manfred is standing in the hallway. Good night Mister Tramp is based on a short story by Astrid Lindgren.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Children, family
Director: Daniel Bergman
Actor: Björn Gustafson, Astrid Bräne, Peter Hall, Lena T. Hansson, Robert Broberg, Stina Lindmark
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish