Resan till Melonia

Allowed 100 minutes 1989 7.3

In Per Åhlin's animated masterpiece, you are welcomed to the beautiful paradise island of Melonia. Here, the wizard Prospero lives with his daughter Miranda, the albatross Ariel, the kind gardener Caliban and all their friends. Close by lies the evil, gloomy island of Plutonia, where the money-hungry manufacturers Slug and Slagg rule. In their factories, the children kept as prisoners on Plutonia slave away. When the exciting story begins, Slug and Slagg have begun to throw hungry glances at Melonia and nothing will ever be the same again. Svenska Dagbladet's Elisabeth Sörenson found that the film is a "big and rich film story", Aftonbladet's Margareta Norlin, that it was "Christmas' best animated film" that year.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Animation, children, family
Director: Per Åhlin
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish