Alfons och Milla

Allowed 40 minutes 1983 6.3

Contains four stories based on Gunilla Bergström's books. In Alfons Åberg and Milla, Alfons Åberg 7 years is determined; he does not play with girls. But then Milla shows up.... In the second story, Aja, baja Alfons Åberg, Alfons dad just want to read the newspaper and does not have time to play, but that's quite good because then he does not notice what Alfons are playing with. In Happy Alfons Åberg, Alfons and his dad is hanging out. Christmas is over and everything is boring and sad. At least that's what they think! In Who saves Alfons Åberg, Alfons has a secret friend. Unfortunately, he cannot come out when Alfons really need him.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Children, animation
Director: Per Åhlin
Voices: Björn Gustafsson
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish