Kalle Stropp och Grodan Boll på svindlande äventyr

Allowed 80 minutes 1991 6.4

Three bad guys want to take over the woods and chop it down, but Grodan Boll and Kalle Stropp have decided to put a stop to that. They embark on a dizzying adventure to save the people who live in the forest. Together with friends Plåtniklas and Papegojan, they start the hunt for the bad guys. With voices by Thomas Funck, responsible for the script and music, Thorsten Flinck, Peter Dalle, Claes Månsson, Stig Grybe and Eva Funk Others

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Animation, family, children
Director: Jan Gissberg
Voices: Thomas Funck, Thorsten Flinck, Peter Dalle, Claes Månsson, Åsa Bjerkerot, Stig Grybe, Eva Funck
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish