Raska på, Alfons Åberg

Allowed 40 minutes 1994 7.1

Contains four stories based on Gunilla Bergström's books. Raska på Alfons Åberg: It's morning and Alfons Åberg is going to go to kindergarten. It's just that Alfons has so much he must do right now! Knåpigt Alfons Åberg: When you learn to make a knot, you don’t have to have tangling and a lot of mess. Alfons makes an alarm clock and when Viktor is coming to visit the mess begin. Pannkaka Alfons Åberg: Dad says that everything must be clean and in order, but when he's in a hurry, it’s not that easy... God natt Alfons Åberg: Alfons cannot sleep. Or is it that he does not want to? And when you don’t want to, you get very inventive.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Children, animation
Director: Per Åhlin
Voices: Björn Gustafsson
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish