Kalas, Alfons Åberg

Allowed 40 minutes 1994 6.1

Contains four stories based on Gunilla Bergström's books. In Kalas, Alfons Åberg is Alfons happy because it was his birthday yesterday, and on Saturday its time for his party. In Odjuret och Alfons Åberg, Alfons is angry and hit a smaller boy. In the evening Alfons is ashamed, and under the bed is a terrible beast. In the third story, Mållgan and Alfons Åberg, Alfons plays with his invisible friend Mållgan. They play with Dad's pipe even though it is absolutely forbidden. Alfons older cousins say that Alfons is too small to play with them. But Alfons knows a good way to change that, and how it's done you can see in Listligt, Alfons Åberg.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Children, animation
Director: Per Åhlin
Voices: Björn Gustafsson
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish