Alla mår bra

Allowed 145 minutes 2006

All mår bra is the sixth film in Rainer Hartleb's project about the children in Jordbro. A unique documentary project that for more than thirty years has followed the pupils in the suburbian class Lundaskolan 1D as they go through life. Over the years, Hartleb has returned several times to Jordbro and the films are both a contemporary depiction of the Swedish society and a reflection over the past 30 years' events, personalized by the now 40-year-old children from Jordbro. Reflections from the film material of the past decades are mixed with new interviews. Intrusively, but with respect for Slobodan, Maria, Ulrik and all the other people's struggles, shortcomings and successes in life, Hartleb gives us a complete everyday document that far exceeds the fictional counterparts.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Society
Director: Rainer Hartleb
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish