Även de döda har ett namn

Allowed 79 minutes 2015 6.7

In 2010, a Swedish pediatrician named Henry Ascher embarked on a ship loaded with supplies heading for Gaza as part of the Ship to Gaza manifestation. The purpose of the trip was to draw attention to the blockade impeding the import of medicine and other goods as well as the lack of basic human rights for the people in Gaza. In international waters, they were boarded by the Israeli military after the ship had joined the larger international convoy called the Freedom Fleet, which led to nine people being killed and the others being taken to Israeli prison and later expelled. In Även de döda har ett namn, we get to see Ascher’s preparations for the journey as well as his previous humanitarian work in Vietnam and Palestine through the lens of filmmaker Bo Harringer.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Society
Director: Bo Harringer
Actor: Jabar Amin, Åsa Andersson, Johannes Anyuru
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish