Brimstone & Glory

11 yrs 67 minutes 2017 7.3

In this award-winning documentary by Viktor Jakovleski, we are in Tultepec, Mexico. Every year they celebrate San Juan de Dios, the Guardian of the Fireworks, with a ten-day festival. For the festival, huge model animals are built in papier-maché, that explode in fireworks and colorful pyrotechnics. The city is filled with firework builders who want to show off their creations. Over two-thirds of the city's inhabitants work with pyrotechnics in different ways, and we will see the craft when building the models and fireworks by hand, and what price some of them must pay.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Society
Director: Viktor Jakovleski
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish